Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) Diploma Course in the UK

CBT is the therapy of choice for patients / clients, consulting with both medical and psychiatric physicians. Simply because with research and over time, CBT has proved to gain superior results, moderately immediate and certainly in the long term, it is often described as 'brief' therapy. The program for American hypnotherapists is cognitive behavior hypnotherapy, CBH.

David Kato, a clinical hypnotherapist / psycho-analyst and behavioural therapist, has utilized CBT in his depression clinic since 1994 with good outcomes. David has produced a comprehensive two day cognitive behaviour therapy diploma course, for qualified hypnotherapists.

The mornings will be applied to gaining theoretical knowledge, including assessment, planning action, intervention and evaluation skills. The afternoons will be workshops, harnessing what you learn. This will involve minor to major mental health problem scenarios including, anxiety states, panic disorder, OCD, depression, insomnia, eating disorders, IBS, stress, reducing weight, to name a few. Tell me what problem patients you have, which could turn out to be a scenario.

A plan of action is required for an individual client, therefore writing scripts for the hypnotherapy sessions, and providing homework sheets, is an important aspect. Scenarios also help to obtain an understanding of how CBT can be applied efficiently and effectively, so you can create good patient outcomes.

You will also obtain 20 CPD’s / CEU's and acquire an attendance certificate.

Therapists who wish to obtain the diploma, will necessitate taking and passing the CBT exam.

This CBT diploma course is accredited by with the Academy For Continued Hypnosis Education, National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists (NRAH) & Hypnotherapy Control Board Ltd (HCB), also an Open College Network (SWR) course Level 3 (6 credits).

These techniques you learn, can only enhance your on-going therapeutic skills, ultimately

increasing your client capacity. Although this course is for hypnotherapists, psychologists,

psychiatrists, psychotherapists and counsellors have also attended and found it to be of great benefit.

This two day diploma course costs £395, virtually all CBT courses are priced much higher than this.

Full course notes, plus CD with exam, self-help assignments for your clients, six session example scripts.

The Diploma exam has to be completed and mailed to me within one month of completing the course, plus a £30 fee for marking p&p.

One of the first courses in the UK that devised CBT for hypnotherapists since 1996.

NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) recommends CBT

The Academy For Continued Hypnosis Education,

Greenway Community Practice, Greystoke Ave, Southmead, Bristol BS10 6AF

£50 non-refundable deposit required one month prior to the course.

Please Note; This course is specifically designed for hypnotherapists, although

counsellors, psychotherapists & psychiatrists, have found it extremely beneficial.

Cost of the 2 day CBT Diploma course is £395, + £30 for the CBT Exam. Lunch provided.

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David Kato retired in March 2016