Would you like to know what people are thinking and feeling? This highly informative workshop on Body Language provides you with an in-depth knowledge of micro-movements, the way the client or other people stand, move, are they committed to what they are conveying, their mood, if they are submissive, anxious, dominant, bored, lying, telling the truth, voice tonality. These movements are produced at a subconscious / unconscious level, the individual being unaware.

Often people say things that are incongruent to what they really mean. To be able to ‘read’ these, gives you a better understanding of how a person thinks and feels. This comprehensive workshop will give you a great opportunity to discover and understand human behaviour, and what indicators you give away yourself.

Psychological Communication & Body Language

The venue is at The Academy For Continued Hypnosis Education,

Greenway Community Practice

Greystoke Ave, Southmead

Bristol BS10 6AF, United Kingdom.

This course is specific to clinical hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, counsellors and medical staff.

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David Kato retired in March 2016