The ART of Hypnotherapy: AGE Regression Therapy

This workshop is designed with the ‘hands on’ therapist in mind.  If you are interested in working with your clients rather than reading to them, then this is the workshop for you.  You will learn how to regress your client to cause speaking in a language they understand and relate to.  

Separating the symptom from the problem is another focus of this workshop.  Our client’s problems are driven by painful emotions.  The wide range of self-destructive behaviors and chronic illnesses are creative ways to cope with these feelings. Neutralizing the emotions (fear, anger and guilt) eliminates the drive behind the illness, habit or addiction and so it collapses.

My aim is to share with you some masterful ART that I have learned through the years from some of our finest leaders in hypnotherapy.  These methods will give you the confidence and success to work with your clients effectively

A successful Hypnotherapist will have many methods to assist their client to the Initial Sensitizing Event (I.S.E.).  Versatility is the key to a successful practice and successful client outcomes.  A common mistake is many will not stray far from their one or two favorite techniques and compromise what otherwise could be great results.  This workshop is based on AGE REGRESSION THERAPY using methods that will open your client to the originating cause and resolve their problems.

In this workshop you will learn HOW, WHAT, WHEN and WHY to use Age Regression Therapy with your client.  At the end of this workshop the practitioner will have the tools and confidence to guide their clients to safe resolution releasing negative effects associated with the presenting issue.  

This workshop will consist of 40% lecture 25% demonstration 25% experiential and 10 % discussion.  Covered material includes:
How to conduct age regression therapy without written scripts.

How to help your client work through to resolution
How to work with resistance
What resolution(s) technique work best
When to use Age Regression Therapy and when not to use Age Regression Therapy
Why give client homework
See live demonstrations
Practice time will be available
Computer data disk will be included for all registered participants